Paramount Fine Foods Centre
(905) 615-3200 3414
5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 4B6

Today's Games
7:00 AM - Prostars v Islington Rangers
7:00 AM - Burlington Bayhawks v Croatia Norval Red
7:00 AM - Magic Boys2014 White v Erin Mills Eagles B2014 Green
7:00 AM - Burlington Bayhawks v Erin Mills Eagles B2013 Green
7:15 AM - Magic Boys 2012 Yellow v Force Soccer U10
7:15 AM - Burlington Bayhawks v Blue Devils
7:15 AM - Force Soccer U9 v First Touch Jaguars U9 Yellow
7:15 AM - Burlington Bayhawks v Elite Soccer Academy
7:55 AM - Croatia Norval Red v Burlington Bayhawks
7:55 AM - First Touch Jaguars U8 v Elite Soccer Academy
7:55 AM - North Mississauga v Burlington Bayhawks
8:05 AM - BSC U10B Red v BSC U10B White
8:20 AM - Etobicoke Youth SC v Islington Rangers
8:20 AM - USC Karpaty 2013B v OSC BU9
8:20 AM - BRI Football Club Inc v Croatia Norval White
8:20 AM - Oakville Soccer SC v North Mississauga
8:50 AM - Etobicoke Youth SC v BSC U9B Navy
8:50 AM - Force Soccer U8 v International SC
8:50 AM - Islington Rangers v Erin Mills Eagles G2014 Green
9:10 AM - DSC Boys 2012 Black v Force Soccer U10
9:25 AM - Force Soccer U10 (Team 2) v Hamilton Croatia
9:25 AM - OSC GU10 v Brams United U10 Girls
9:25 AM - Islington Rangers v North Mississauga
9:25 AM - BLUE DEVIL U9 GIRLS v Erin Mills Soccer Club
9:45 AM - Croatia Norval Blue v Croatia Norval White
10:15 AM - North Mississauga v SSE 90 2013
10:30 AM - Magic Girls 2012 Blue v OSC GU10
10:30 AM - Etobicoke Youth SC v Islington Rangers
10:30 AM - Supernova FC v Magic Boys 2013 Blue
10:30 AM - BSC U9B Red v Georgetown SC
10:40 AM - Burlington Bayhawks GU8 blue v Magic Girls 2014 White
11:10 AM - FC Toronto 2012 v First Touch Jaguars U10
11:25 AM - Magic Boys 2012 White v Etobicoke Youth SC
11:25 AM - Magic Boys 2012 Blue v BSC U10B Navy
11:35 AM - Blue Devils 2013 v DSC 2013 Black
11:35 AM - Etobicoke Youth SC v Brams United U9
11:35 AM - Islington Rangers v Magic Boys 2014 Blue
12:30 PM - Caledon SC 2013 v OSC BU9
12:30 PM - First Touch Jaguars U9 White v Lakeshore United FC
1:10 PM - Clarkson v Storm FC
1:25 PM - Vaughan Azzurri SSC U14 v BWSC G2008 White
2:05 PM - North Mississauga v Burlington Bayhawks
2:05 PM - Caledon Blue v Islington Rangers
2:20 PM - Force Soccer v Bolton Wanderers S.C.
3:00 PM - Burlington Soccer Club  v Georgetown SC
3:00 PM - Prostars FC v Blue Devils FC
3:15 PM - FC Emery-Etobicoke v Force Soccer U13
3:55 PM - First Touch FC v International Soccer Club
3:55 PM - Islington Rangers  v Erin Mills Soccer Club
4:10 PM - Supernova Academy  v Clarkson Soccer Club
4:50 PM - Erin Mills Eagles G2009 White v Burlington Bayhawks
4:50 PM - Paris FC 2006 v FDSC 2006F
5:05 PM - Guelph Jr Gryphons v Etobicoke Youth SC
5:45 PM - Milton Magic v Oakville SC GU16
5:45 PM - GFA U14 Girls v Force Soccer U14
6:00 PM - Etobicoke Youth SC v BSC U16B Navy
6:40 PM - North Mississauga v Force Soccer U17
6:40 PM - Rush Canada Academy v Force Soccer U16
6:55 PM - Etobicoke Youth SC v Georgetown Mustangs
7:35 PM - Croatia Norval 2005 v DSC Boys 2005 Black
7:35 PM - Prostars FC Blue v Oakville Wild Elite 2004
7:50 PM - DSC Boys 2007 Black v Prostars FC Blue
8:30 PM - Guelph Jr. Gryphons v Woodbridge Strikers
8:45 PM - Kitchener TFC v Blue Devils 2005
9:25 PM - Stella Rossa FC White v VSC-05
9:40 PM - Burlington Bayhawks v Oakville SC GU17B
10:20 PM - Croatia Norval 2005G v DSC Girls 2005 Black
10:35 PM - Etobicoke Youth SC v OSC U17B

BU10 - Development
BU10 - Target
BU11 - Development
BU11 - Target
BU12 - Development
BU12 - Development - West
BU12 - Development East
BU12 - Target
BU13 - Development
BU13 - Target
BU14 - Development
BU14 - Target
BU15 - Development
BU15 - Target
BU16 - Development
BU16 - Target
BU17 - Target
BU17/18 - Development
BU18 - Target
BU8 - Development
BU8 - Target
BU9 - Development
BU9 - Target
GU10 - Development
GU10 - Target
GU11 - Development
GU11 - Target
GU12 - Development
GU12 - Target
GU13 - Development
GU13 - Target
GU14 - Development
GU14 - Development - Nov
GU14 - Target
GU15 - Development
GU15 - Target

MYSL Update - Return to Play
1/25/2022 11:17 AM
The MYSL season will resume on February 5 and will continue running until the beginning of May pending any COVID restrictions. 

Please note that there are two areas where the capacity limits may impact you and we wanted to make sure you were aware of them.
Dressing Rooms – Are limited to where physical distancing of 2m per family can be maintained. This may result in groups having to rotate in/out of the rooms to keep this distancing in place. Spectators β€“ Are permitted but they are limited to 50% capacity. Based on the limited capacity we do ask groups to limit spectators as much as possible. Although it’s a guideline and not a rule we ask that you remind everyone that we recommend 1 guardian per participant with unlimited amount of siblings under 18 as a way to reduce the traffic around the fields.
  Reminder to all parents/guardians watching from the side that they must have their mask on unless actively drinking from a cup/bottle.   

Youth Venues
10/26/2021 10:21 AM
Location of 3 Youth League Venues: 

Churchill Meadows Community Centre & Sports Park
5320 Ninth Line, Mississauga, ON L5M 0R5
Paramount Fine Foods Centre Dome 
5745 Rose Cherry Pl, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6
Paramount Fine Foods Centre - Field House
5500 Rose Cherry Pl, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6

YSL Update: Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement 12+
10/18/2021 3:45 PM
I hope everyone is looking forward to the start of the indoor soccer season. As we prepare for the fall season we received news from the Region of Peel which may impact your team.  
Sports activities are no longer considered exempt from the proof of vaccination for indoor recreation activities. Proof of vaccination required for youth sports participants 12 and older is effective November 1.  This will apply to youth and all coaches, instructors, caregivers, volunteers, and game officials. 
We apologize for this change so close to the season start date, the decision was just made by the region on Friday. We appreciate this may impact some of your players, please advise if there is any support we can provide or any questions you may have.
Official excerpt:
Brampton, ON. (October 15, 2021) β€“ Effective November 1, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., all participants 12 years and older entering sports or recreational fitness facilities in Peel will be required to provide proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption, along with identification. This will apply to youth and all coaches, instructors, caregivers, volunteers, and game officials.