Indoor Soccer Rules & Regulations



2023-2024 League Rules




a.     Each Club is responsible for the conduct of all players/officials and for team supporters at all times, both on and off the field. Players, team officials and supporters shall conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of Conduct as set out by the O.S. and the League. Only duly registered officials and players are allowed on the players’ bench.


b.    The coach and players shall confine themselves to within 1 meter of the players' bench and outside of the playing area.


c.     A player, coach, team official or spectator impeding, harassing, or otherwise intimidating a game official, opposing coach, members of the League, or opposing players, will be subject to disciplinary action. 


d.    All teams will require an official Contact Report stamped by their district association and all players, coaches and team staff require identification from OS or their district association. Copies of the approved rosters for non-PHSA teams are to be supplied to the PHSA a minimum of 5 business days before the first game of the season via email to


e.     Player registration –


a.     5v5 (U9) and 7v7 (U10-U11) and 9v9 (U12) leagues will have no maximum or minimum roster for each team.  There will be “game day maximums” as per below. 

                                               i.     U9 5v5 game day maximum will be “10”

                                              ii.     U10 – U11 7v7 game day maximum will be “12”

                                            iii.     U12 9v9 game day maximum will be “16”


b.    Players registered with their respective club for the 2022-2023 indoor season are eligible to play in the appropriate age and gender classification.

c.     U13 – U18 11v11 teams may register (roster) a maximum of 20 players, minimum of 11 players

d.    U13-U18 Players are allowed to be registered for a maximum of three indoor teams in different divisions.


f.      A maximum of four registered team officials are permitted to sit on the bench during the game and their names must be recorded on the game sheet.


g.    Team officials are not permitted to enter the field of play, unless they receive permission from the referee.


h.     Game balls shall be the responsibility of the home team. Size 3 (or 4 light) for U9, Size 4 (or 5 light) for U10 to U13, and size 5 for U14 to U18.


i.       Teams from outside of the Peel Halton district must provide playing out permission from their district association a minimum of 5 days before their first scheduled league game.  Permission forms must be sent to the league – as well as the Peel Halton Soccer Association (PHSA) –




a.     Team officials must be in possession of properly authorized Ontario Soccer team official registration book/card at all games. Teams must also have their district stamped Ontario Soccer Roster accompanying the book/cards.


b.    All players must be in possession of properly authorized Ontario Soccer player registration books/cards at all games.  Players may not participate in the game without a properly authorized Player Registration book/card. Teams, at their discretion, may inspect a player/team’s Ontario Soccer official books/cards of the opposing team. Inspection will take place prior to kick off and must not delay the start of the game. Upon request, teams may not refuse to have their books checked.


c.     Game played under protest – If a team feels that the opposition are playing an ineligible player, they must advise the referee before the start of the 2nd half that they wish to play the game under protest.  The team protesting must identify the player(s) (maximum of three players) that they feel are ineligible.  The referee will make note of these players on the game sheet so that the league may investigate. 


d.    Failure to produce the Ontario Soccer player books/cards will result in forfeit of the game and potential disciplinary action.


e.     Only players and team officials with authorized Ontario Soccer registration books/cards may have their names entered on the game sheet and be deemed eligible to play.




a.     All players shall be duly registered before playing


b.    Rules and regulations as set out in the Ontario Soccer. Policies and Procedures regarding the signing and transfer of players shall apply.


c.     Teams found to have used an ineligible player(s), shall forfeit the game(s) to its opponents. In the event that both teams are found guilty of using ineligible player(s), no points will be awarded. A team found guilty of using ineligible player(s) may be subject to disciplinary action.


d.    Ineligible Player -   Although the list below is not all exhaustive, an ineligible player is a player who:


          1)  Is not registered under Ontario Soccer policies and procedures


          2)  Is registered under a false name.


          3)  Is under discipline suspension


          4)  Played under different name (used book/card from another player)


          5)  Played as a guest player without the appropriate approvals              


4.0     Trial Players/Call Ups/Temporary Players


a.     Ontario Soccer rules shall apply with respect to Trial, Temporary and call up players.


b.    Trial and Temporary permits in the U13-U18 leagues cannot be used after March 1st 2023.  This rule does not apply to the U8-U12 leagues.


c.     Call ups only apply for the U13 – U18 age groups


d.    Call ups must have a valid player book stamped for the 2022-2023 indoor season with their appropriate club/academy. 


e.     Call ups are permitted to be used from a younger age group or lower level league (L7 Indoor House league).  Call ups are also permitted from lower tiers within an age group.  Tiers for the 2022-2023 from highest to lowest are as follows – Target East, Target North, Development East and Development North (if applicable).  Grassroots cannot be called up to the youth division


f.      Players cannot play more than two years above their birth year.


g.    Unlimited call ups may be used in all 11v11 leagues/divisions


h.    Players that are being used as trial/call up or temporary must be noted as such on the game sheet




a.     Duration of all indoor 5v5 games is 2x20minutes and 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 games is 2 x 25 minutes.


b.    Teams shall be given five minutes (5) of grace time from the scheduled kick-off time to field the minimum required number of players (4) for small sided games, (5) for 9v9 games and (7) players for 11v11 games.


c.     In the event that one team does not field the minimum required number of players to start a game, it will be considered to have defaulted the game and shall forfeit the points.  The opposing team will be awarded the win and a score of 3-0 will be recorded.


d.    In the event that both teams are unable to field the minimum number of players to play the game, both teams shall be considered to be in default of the game and no points awarded.


e.     In the event that a team does not show up for a regularly scheduled game, it shall be deemed that the team is in default of the game and will not be awarded any points.  The opposing team will be awarded the win and a score of 3-0 will be recorded.


f.      For all U9 5v5 & U10-U11 7v7 games – standard Ontario Soccer rules of soccer will apply.  Ontario Soccer Playing Rules are available online

·       U9 – Game Leader     

·       U10-U11 Small-Sided


g.    For 9v9 league games, all of Ontario Soccer’s Playing Rules for Outdoor Soccer shall apply

(i)            The maximum number of players on the field shall be nine players and the minimum number of players shall be five

(ii)           Unlimited substitutions will be allowed at any time during a stoppage in play.

(iii)         Games will be 2 x 25 minutes in length with a one (1) minute half time.


h.     For 11v11 league games, all of Ontario Soccer’s Playing Rules for Outdoor Soccer shall apply

(i)        Unlimited substitutions will be allowed at any time during a stoppage in play.

(ii)           Games will be 2 x 25 minutes in length with a one (1) minute half time.


i.       The U9 – U12 leagues will be played festival style. No standings or results will be recorded.  Divisions will be adjusted on ongoing bases to ensure competitive balance.


  1. The Retreat Line will be in effect for all U9 - U12 league games
    • Retreat Line is 1/2 for U9 and 1/3 for U10 to U12


  1. Dropped ball Procedure

·       The ball is dropped for the defending team goalkeeper in their penalty area  if, when play was stopped:

·       the ball was in the penalty area or

·       the last touch of the ball was in the penalty area

·       In all other cases, the referee drops the ball for one player of the team that last touched the ball at the position where it last touched a player, an outside  agent or, as outlined in Law 9.1, a match official

·       All other players (of both teams) must remain at least 4 m (4.5 yds) from the  ball until it is in play


6.0     SCHEDULE


a.     All games will be played as scheduled unless the game is postponed by the League or the referee.

b.    A game is deemed to be complete, if one half plus one minute has been played.




  1. All players shall wear regulation soccer equipment as outlined by FIFA and OS Rules.


  1. All Players, including goalies, must be identified by a number, a minimum 8 inches / 204 millimetres tall on the back of their shirt and such number will be recorded against the players’ name on the game sheet. All numbers must be legible. No two players on the same team may wear the same number. Every player must have a different number. No taped numbers are permitted on any player on the field.


  1. Teams will wear the uniform of the club to which they are registered.


  1. The official club name/logo/crest/emblem must appear on the front of the player jerseys. The name/logo/crest/emblem should be no smaller than 5 square inches. The name/logo/crest/emblem/symbol or initials of no other club or academy may appear on the jersey.


  1. A sponsor logo may appear on a player jersey provided it does not exceed a maximum size of 40 square inches.
  1. The home team will change to their registered away uniform colour if there is a conflict.


  1. Goalkeepers’ uniforms must not conflict with that of the game officials or opposing team and must be identified by a number on the back of the jersey.


  1. If the goalie is substituted, the new goalie must have a different number than the original goalie.


  1. All substitute players recorded on the game sheet must wear a pinny that is a different colour from the players on the field. The pinny must be worn until the player enters the field of play.


j.       Footwear shall be running shoes, indoor soccer shoes (Flat sole), Turf Shoe's or outdoor cleats (Molded Stud).  No metal cleats or six studs will be permitted.



k.     Shin Guards and Socks are mandatory at all times.


8.0     REFEREES


a.     All games shall have an assigned an Ontario Soccer registered referee(s).


b.    Referees must be paid in full by both teams before the start of the game  


c.     The decision of the referee is final.


d.    It is the responsibility of the referee to report ALL discipline issues that occurred in the game to the League office within forty eight (48) hours from the completion of the game. In the case of alleged referee assault, reports shall be forwarded by the Referee to PHSA immediately upon receipt and a copy of such report shall be also provided to the League.


e.     The Referee is responsible for sending completed game sheets and other official paperwork to the League within forty eight (48) hours of the end of the game.


9.0     STANDINGS – U13 – U18 Leagues Only


  1. For League standing purposes, three points shall be awarded for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss.


  1. In the event of a tie in league points, the winner shall be determined as follows:


1.      Goal Difference

2.     If still tied, Goals for

3.     If still tied, Goals against

4.    If still tied, Most wins

5.     If still tied, Penalty kicks


c.        Standings will not be recorded or posted for U9-U12 leagues.




a.     All discipline shall be conducted by the PHSA. 


b.    The Discipline by Review (DBR) process will be used for all cases as outlined in Ontario Soccer’s Published Rules. 


c.     In cases where Discipline by Hearing (DBH) is mandatory, the appropriate parties will be notified by the PHSA.


d.    All parties have the right to request a hearing (DBH) and such requests will be made in writing to the League no later than 48 hours following the playing of the game.  Hearing requests must be sent by a team/club official.      


e.     An Ontario Soccer player book/card must be presented at all hearings otherwise there shall be no hearing held and the player shall be considered to have missed the hearing.


f.      Failure to appear for a hearing will result in the immediate suspension of the player until a new hearing has been requested by the player.


g.    Players, team coaches and officials whose names appear on game sheets after a suspension has been imposed are deemed to have participated in the game while under suspension. They will be subject to further disciplinary action.


h.     Alleged referee assault, will be handled by the district association in which the player or team officials is registered. The Accused is automatically suspended from all soccer related activity, as per O.S. Rules, until the case has been disposed of.


i.       A team official, who for whatever reason during a game, pulls his team off the field will be subject to disciplinary action. 


11.  Discipline Procedures


  1. Discipline action shall be taken in accordance with O.S. and League Discipline Policy and Procedures and the following guidelines will apply:


Discipline by Review (DBR)


All Player dismissals for:


a)             Serious Foul Play,


b)            Serious Foul Play (hand ball),


c)             Violent Conduct


d)            Foul or Abusive Language directed at game officials.


e)             Foul or Abusive Language directed at anyone other than game officials, or


f)              Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eight or more yellow cards in a season;


  1. Dismissal reports will be dealt with by Discipline by Review where the player does not have to appear to the hearing, but he can request a hearing if he wishes to do so within forty eight (48) hours of the end of the game, (weekend excluded).


  1. An accused may choose to be accompanied by another adult who may act as an adviser.  An adviser may not act as a witness nor provide any testimony at the Discipline Hearing. An Accused person less than eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by an adult. An Ontario Soccer Player Book/Card must be presented by youth players before the start of the hearing, if the book is not presented the hearing may not proceed.






  1. Game protests must be made in writing to within 48 hours of the game being played. Protests may only be made by a team official.  Team officials submitting a protest must appear on the game sheet of the game in dispute. 

b.    Game protests will be heard by the League in accordance with Ontario Soccer’s published rules. Any other protest will be heard by the PHSA.


c.     No protest pertaining to the decision of a game official will be heard.


d.    Appeals of League decisions by a player, team official or club official must be forwarded to PHSA for processing within 5 days of the decision being rendered.  A fee of $50 must accompany the appeal. If the appeal is upheld the protest fee will refunded.




MSL League Office

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